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Expedite Expo Revisit From Years Past Part 2

By: Sandy and Stephen
Posted: Jul 16th 2024 8:00AM

With no Expedite Expo this year that means we do not need to do a pre-show and post-show article.? That got us to thinking how about looking back over the years we have been to the show and do some reminiscing.? We thought it would be best to break this up into two articles.? This one will be from 2018 to 2023.

If you missed part 1 years 2012 through 2017 you can find it here: Expedite Expo Revisit From Years Past Part 1

Expedite Expo 2018 (Lexington, KY)?

We spent both days networking and attending workshops.? On Thursday (setup day) our friend Henry Albert needed help with his solar panels that were on his trailer.? We could not figure out what was going on with them so we just plugged his truck into ours and let our generator keep his and our batteries up.? We were not staying our truck for the show so we asked Dave and Kelly Plumb to keep an eye on both of the trucks.

Henry?s and our truck in parking lot.

Sandy spent a lot of time helping Ellen Voie from Women In Trucking (WIT) in that booth talking with people the benefits of being a member.

WIT booth with Sandy, Ellen, Eric and Daniel from the Dock411 App.

On the subject of WIT.? Sandy again was asked to be on the panel for the WIT workshop.? It was another good workshop that provide a lot of good information for those in attendance.

WIT workshop panel with Ellen.

For this year again Ontime Media asked us if would moderate a round table each.? We had no problem helping out.? You sure can learn a lot from those that attend your round table.

Round table attendance

A first for this Expo was a State of the Industry workshop.? It was the only workshop in that time slot and had a panel of experts in the industry give the audience what they think of current and the future of our industry.

State of the Industry Workshop

Another first for this Expo was a Volvo dealer had a booth.? We got to see and talk to them about what were different and get educated on the Volvo product.

Volvo in booth

This years Expediter of the year was Tim Paxton with Barrett Directline.? The other two finalist were Nancy Hudson with A.D. Transport Express and Eric Escobar with Premium Transportation Logistics.

Saturday after the show was the BBQ cookout.? It was well attended and the food was great.

BBQ group

BBQ on grill

Expedite Expo 2019 (Ft. Wayne, IN)

This year was another change of venue.? Since the site in Lexington, KY was using the parking lot for construction of a new building and parking garage.

We arrived on Thursday like we normally have been doing since 2015.? We help setup the Landstar booth and help anyone else that needs it.? Also, stopped and picked up our badges for the show.

Sandy getting our badges

A lot of good work shops this year.? Sandy again was asked to be on the WIT work shop panel.? She is really getting comfortable doing this now that she feels she has enough experience.?

WIT work shop Panel

Another great work shop was put on by Bob Caffee and Henry Albert.? They were sharing information on what maintenance for Freightliner you should expect.? They were also taking questions from the audience.

Bob and Henry Work shop

Again, this year was the State of the Industry work shop with the panel of experts.? It is always filled with great information.

State of Industry panel

Casino night is always a lot of fun.? Lots of ?funny? money being won and lost.? A whole bunch of great door prizes were given out.? This was the first year we decided to go.? Normally we are too tired from all the running and networking.

Casino night

The driver?s choice award with won by our good friends and mentors Bob and Linda Caffee.

Bob and Linda, Brandon (ARI) and Nate (Stoops)

This years Expediter of the year was Lisa Morway with V3 Transportation.? The other finalists were Vanessa Schroeder with?DKP Express and Frank & Stephanie Rebelo with?FedEx Custom Critical.

The Finalists

Expedite Expo 2020 (No Where was Supposed to be Ft. Wayne, IN)

?The staff of Expedite Expo has made the difficult decision to?reschedule Expedite Expo 2020.?With the increase of COVID cases in so many states and just the restrictions we would have to make to have the show, we don?t feel it is best for us to meet at this time. Expedite Expo 2021 (Ft. Wayne, IN).?? This was an exact quote from Ontime Media.? Well enough said.


That takes care of years 2018 thru 2020.? Look for part 3 in the coming days that will cover 2021 thru 2023.

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed going down memory lane as much as we did.


Sandy & Stephen

We?re Burning Daylight - ?Wil Anderson? (The Cowboys) John Wayne

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