Expedite Expo: The Recap

By: Brandon Scott - Staff Writer
Posted: Jul 22nd 2022 8:00AM

Whether you?ve attended the Expedite Expo in the past or perhaps this was your first foray into expediting exhibitionism, the eternal hope remains that you got what you expected to attain from this year?s forums, and workshops, and exhibits, and Casino Night, and all the other myriad ways you could possibly experience such an event. Kudos to Kristy Lohre, the Expo?s prime planner and overseer, for once again constructing and executing such a tremendous affair. She?s already in preparation for what?s to come next year, and it?s going to be bigger and even better!

The Workshops

Hopefully folks had the opportunity to sit-in on more than one or two of the morning?s workshops that were offered. On Friday morning, Joe and Carol Shelton of R2R Trucking started things off with a delightful discussion on what it?s been like to go from not knowing a thing about trucking, to becoming successful fleet owners of a modest ten-truck operation, while Donna and Robert Chambers explained to all of us how to find prosperity and peace while running the road in a Sprinter van.

The Ask the Experts workshop brought some lively back and forth banter while educating folks on the importance of a mentor program and how everyone benefits when helping each other. At the same time, the tax gurus at Trucker Tax Service implored workshop attendees to boost their understanding of transportation tax laws to ensure they?re maximizing their efforts on the road. While the experts with the Law Offices of Eckert and Associates taught ways to keep insurance costs low while protecting your business.

On Saturday morning, the combined knowledge of three successful women in trucking jump started the day. Understanding the perspective of women who own their trucking businesses, Donna Sleasman, Jackie Rocha and Kristy Perry shed light on what it?s been like to break barriers in the expedite and overall trucking industry. At the same time, Allen Paxton and Del Beal provided insight into what it?s like running an expedite van as they each shared their collective experiences.

John Lalonde of Buckeye Western Star shined a spotlight on truths about buying a straight truck in today?s economy, while Sandy Goche and Stephen Halsted conducted a clinic on what to do and what not to do when starting out as owner operators.

Casino Night and The After Party!

Let?s be honest, everyone was really just waiting until the dice dropped and the cards shuffled, signaling the start of the ever-popular Casino Night. This year?s evening of gaming excitement was sponsored by the family of fun-providers at Hyfield Trucking (commence wooing here), as Frank Rebelo mastered the mic to ensure everyone had themselves a rousing good time, imbibing beverages and winning some excellent prizes. Our generous exhibitors provided over $6000 in prizes this year, thank-them-very-much!

But it didn?t stop when the chips quit falling, because the night stayed lit and lively with dancing and Vegas-style entertainment thanks to the dueling DJ-ing mastery of DJ J Bray and DJ Michael Toast. Suffice it to say, folks had themselves a grand time on Saturday night.

State of the Trucking Industry

As always, the largest attendance of the weekend?s sessions was the State of the Trucking industry forum. Load 1 CEO, John Elliott, and Women in Trucking CEO, Ellen Voie were joined by Mike Roeth, Executive Director of NACFE (North American Council for Freight Efficiency) as they candidly discussed the current trucking landscape, as well as what the future might hold for the industry.

It was a lively hour and a half session, highlighted by such topics as the controversial California AB5 law, women and their expanding role in the world of trucking and transportation, and the future of autonomous trucks and what that means for drivers. The experts had plenty to share, and attendees had opportunities to engage in informational discourse, all while garnering a greater understanding of each of our roles in transportation.

Thank You for Attending!

For those of you who were able to make it to this year?s Expedite Expo, thank you for your support. Besides the above mentioned focuses and fun, there were even more goings on. Exhibiting companies who are actively recruiting and hiring drivers, raffles and prizes, opportunities to network and share learned information throughout the industry. It?s our hope at On Time Media that you?ll continue to back our efforts to provide this yearly opportunity to come together in the name of growth and education in the expedite world.

But we also want to hear from you! Please, send in your comments regarding the Expo. We want to know what you liked, what you think could be improved upon, or what we could do to make next year?s Expo even bigger and better. We appreciate your support, we thank you for your continued readership, and we can?t wait to do it all again next year!

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